Robert Speigel

Head of the National Focus Team and Expert in complex problem-solving

After landing in the auditing sector almost by accident some 22 years ago, the field has since become my absolute passion. The more complex the problem, the greater my passion to find the perfect solution. This is also the source of my enthusiasm for new, innovative technologies, which to me represent the optimal tool for continuing to work toward this “perfect” solution and expanding the boundaries of what is possible.

As a result of my fascination with complex transactions, in addition to the audit of separate and consolidated financial statements of listed companies, I have specialised in capital market reporting at international corporate groups. One significant focus of my work is on the automotive and semiconductor industries. Both are characterised by complex international relationships, an exciting, innovative market environment and complex interrelated problems.

Focus teams are the answer to complex problems

I am of the opinion that people are to play a key role in the success of digitalisation. This is why I have focused my efforts in recent years on the development of focus teams. This is because complex problems need customised solutions. The use of new technologies is not per se a guarantee of greater efficiency, higher quality or relevance. In order for solutions to work, they must be deployed, conveyed and applied correctly. The establishment and retention of expert knowledge and core competencies are therefore the key to solving complex problems.

I therefore think it is important to establish close links with the best teams and specialists within KPMG. As Head of the National Focus Team for Human Resources and for core operational processes such as procurement, production and sales, in recent years I and a team of more than 100 people at 10 locations across Germany have successfully developed and implemented digitalisation within financial auditing. My maxim in this undertaking has always been:

Don’t do a little bit of everything, but rather do one thing so well that you are able to stand out from the competition.

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