Matthias Koeplin

Lateral thinker and Expert in cutting-edge auditing

My name is Matthias Koeplin and I am an Audit Partner at KPMG AG Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft. I am particularly interested and involved in new and innovative technologies and perspectives on the future of auditing. This includes in particular solutions in the area of data analytics and artificial intelligence for application in the audit of financial statements.

Alongside my professional affinity for issues related to IT, I also see myself as an early adopter of new technologies in my personal life. Rather than hearing from others about what it is like to control your smart home via Alexa, I prefer to find out for myself as early as I can.

The future belongs to data-based auditing

The main focus of my work is sounding out all the opportunities presented by digital technologies to find innovative solutions to the daily challenges of my job. I am convinced that we can do our job even better if we can manage to automate routine tasks and use new technologies such as machine learning or deep learning to identify risk areas and uncover complex interrelationships. Moreover, technology will change our clients’ experience of the audit process for the better.

We can only succeed in this goal if we pool our knowledge and insights. I therefore think it is important to enter into dialogue with our colleagues, partners and our clients. My goal in this is to grant an insight into the black box of auditing in order to make this exciting area more accessible and to highlight interfaces for further development. This is not only because I believe in the enormous added value that data-based auditing can bring, but also because I see this as one of the most interesting and most lucrative areas of development.

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