Ingo Neuhaus

Ingo Neuhaus IT specialist and Head of the IT Audit Focus Team

As an IT specialist, I have been following the progress of digitalisation and the influx of new technologies with great excitement for a number of years now. After completing my training as a banking officer and my degree in economics with a focus on information management, my career led me to financial auditing. I have spent over 15 years working in the field of IT audit. Since 2016 I have been Head of the IT Audit Focus Team at KPMG AG. In this role I work closely with auditors and develop methods, standards and solutions with my team to advance the field of IT audit and respond to the rapid changes in the field.

While walking the Camino de Santiago, it became increasingly clear to me that these current developments can best be compared to a long hike. Sometimes progress is rapid, while at other times the destination still seems far off in the distance. The key is to remain motivated and not to lose sight of the purpose of the whole undertaking. For many people, hiking is about finding yourself. Similarly, digitalisation offers us the opportunity to redefine our own field and sound out new, previously unknown paths.

The fusion of IT and financial auditing

My main goal is to further advance the integration of IT in the field of financial auditing. In the process I have observed two significant interdependent developments in particular. Firstly, the job profile of auditor is fundamentally changing, without there being any threat of the profession becoming irrelevant in the long term. Secondly, issues relating to IT are playing an increasingly important role in the audit of financial statements, meaning that in the future expertise from both areas will become even more important.

Thanks to our expert knowledge gained from countless audits and projects we can successfully apply our best-practice expertise with profitable results. This will allow us to generate added value for our clients. Our success is based on a two-pronged strategy. On the one hand, we offer companies an audit approach tailored to their individual needs. At the same time, due to our standards and uniform methods, we are able to perform our audit very efficiently and focus on the material issues and thus continually advance the field of IT audit. In my mind, digital transformation is the driver of this development and makes my job one of the most exciting and varied ones there is.

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