Christian Sailer

Member of the Managing Board, visionary and auditor

In light of numerous developments in new technologies and digitalisation, the effects of which are only just now beginning to be felt, it is important to develop a vision for the future. Blockchain, big data and artificial intelligence have enormous potential, though it remains unclear how exactly they will develop. It really depends on what we do with these technologies. Only someone with a clear vision for the future is able to shape it in an active and targeted way.

When advising clients in areas such as the automotive industry, the aerospace and aeronautical engineering industries and the technology and media sectors, I witness on an almost daily basis the great efforts these companies are making to deal with the changes that come with digital transformation. As Head of Audit, I not only help these companies deal with these developments but also initiate and steer the transformation of their internal processes.

Redefining financial auditing

Particularly in the area of auditing, we have been faced with these new developments for a number of years. We were able to exploit the advantages of data and analytics at an early stage to qualitatively improve our audits to the benefit of our clients. There are few areas of application as varied, complex and exciting as audit services. In particular through the supervision of global projects I have been able to observe over a number of years how the challenges have intensified and require increasingly innovative solutions.

Digitalisation is not only presenting us with new challenges. It also provides us with exciting new technologies and thus new opportunities. I see it as my job to sound out these opportunities and identify sensible fields of application. My goal in this is clear: to redefine financial auditing for the 21st century in order to create added value for our clients in the future.

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