here are few areas more heavily impacted by digitalisation than financial reporting and auditing. Let us inform you about the opportunities presented by new technologies and share our experiences from recent projects conducted at leading companies, with a consistent focus on the opportunities, success factors, challenges and requirements. We consider ourselves digital pioneers when it comes to the future of auditing. Let us show you which technologies are tried and tested for general use and simultaneously take into account the specific needs of different clients.

What are the main characteristics of a modern audit of financial statements? Does your auditor provide specific usable comments beyond the auditor’s report or do they still use paper and pencil for their audit? We can show you how the burden on the company under audit can be minimised through the use of automation and data analytics tools on the part of the auditor. In addition, we provide insight into how these data analytics work and in which specific areas the added value for the company lies. The “audit of the future” is no empty claim for us. Thanks to our innovative audit approach and tools, we no longer conduct our audit on a sample basis. Curious? Then please get in contact with us.

Our Authors

Christian Sailer More

Christian Sailer

Member of the Managing Board / Head of Audit Germany and EMA & Visionary
Matthias Koeplin More

Matthias Koeplin

Lateral Thinker and Expert in Cutting-Edge Auditing
Bianca Höffer More

Bianca Höffer

Data & Analytics Expert and Creative Doer
Carsten Müller More

Carsten Müller

Head of Digital Compliance, IT Specialist and Expert in Data Analytics
Robert Speigel More

Robert Speigel

Head of the National Focus Team and Expert in Complex Problem-Solving
Ingo Neuhaus More

Ingo Neuhaus

IT Specialist and Head of the IT Audit Focus Team

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